Carolynne Palla
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Carolynne Palla

Carolynne Palla PALLA MEDIA 2023

Carolynne Palla

Owner | Publisher

Carolynne Palla, the founder and proprietor of Palla Media, established her company in 2007. Her company specializes in offering advertising solutions to businesses through both print and online publications that are exclusively dedicated to their local communities. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Carolynne held a managerial position at a prominent property management firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With a solid foundation in finance, she actively engages in volunteer work with numerous non-profit organizations and community entities. Carolynne has served as the Administrator of the Steveston Merchants Association since 2010 and manages social media for the Kerrisdale Business Association, Dunbar Life, Steveston Insider, and Kerrisdale Insider.


In her role as the publisher, Carolynne Palla assumes comprehensive responsibility for ensuring the commercial success of the publications. Her duties encompass various critical areas, such as strategic planning, financial management, advertising oversight, communication efforts, scheduling, graphic design coordination, active community engagement, and the effective management of her team of freelance contributors.


Following her relocation from the city to the picturesque waterfront community of Steveston in 2003, Carolynne Palla identified a unique opportunity to introduce an uplifting publication. Her vision was to inspire and motivate local residents to explore, support, and enjoy the offerings of their own community. She envisioned a guide that transcended being a mere directory and instead served as a means to actively engage and connect local consumers, all while emanating trustworthiness as a reliable source of information.


Board member of Steveston Merchants Association. Secretary for Steveston 20/20 Group. Volunteer at Steveston Salmon Festival.


Graphic design, fonts, photography, technology, media, promotion, planning and never missing a deadline.


Steveston Salmon Festival. Cannery Farmers Market. Steveston Farmers Market. Steveston Girls’ Night Out. Christmas in Steveston. Steveston Grand Prix of Art. Steveston Rotary Club. Homes for the Holidays. Kerrisdale Community Police. Dunbar Salmonberry Days. Southlands Country Fair. Pacific Polo Cup.