Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions


Each magazine is delivered to businesses and residents within the boundaries by Canada Post unaddressed admail. In addition, extra copies are distributed to outlets throughout the community for visitors to pick up. The magazine is free.

Advertising Options?

Annual Advertiser save 10%. Rate and space guaranteed for the year.

Do You Charge to Design My Ad?

We are happy to assemble your ad if it is straight forward and requires minimal edits. If you require design service for your first ad, our designer will work with you for $160. The ad then belongs to you and we can usually do future edits to the design for free.

Where Can I Get A Copy?

Most businesses that advertise in the magazine have extra copies. You are welcome to send an email and request that a copy be mailed to you.

How Often Do The Magazines Come Out?

Steveston Insider comes out every second month: February 15, April 15, June 15, August 15, October 1, November 15. Dunbar Life & Kerrisdale Insider are 5 times each year: February 15, April 15, June 15, September 1, November 15.

How Can I Have An Article Written About My Business?

We love promoting local businesses. Your business must have a storefront and be located within the area (business association boundaries). If selected, we arrange an interview, write the story and take photographs. Cost is $995 if selected and is a one-time only offer.

Can I Be On The Magazine Cover?

The cover story is booked in advance and is based on availability. The cost is $995.

Who is the Photographer?

Sandra Steier is a professional freelance photographer with a studio in Steveston, Richmond, BC. She has been the official photographer and stylist for Palla Media since 2008. She is available to book photos in her studio or on location.

Can I Have a Copy of the Photo?

Can I have a copy of the photo? Photos are available for purchase. The rate is $125 for the photos from the article. Photos are copyright to Palla Media and cannot be used unless purchased. Once purchased they can be used for your own business.

Directory Listing is Incorrect. Can it be Updated?

Send an email requesting a correction or update and it will be done right away.

Is a Directory Listing Free?

If you have a storefront business in the community then the directory listing is free. Advertisers located outside the area are included in the directory in a separate section.

Do You Allow Exclusive Advertisers for Certain Types of Businesses?

Yes. Certain annual advertisers have an agreement to be exclusive, meaning that no other similar advertisers will be accepted. Examples are realtors and painting companies.

Can I Submit An Article?

Not usually. We have limited space and the articles are planned a year in advance. They are produced by our writer. Articles are written on businesses within the community that are typically part of the business association. If a business is an advertiser, they may ask for a discounted rate to increase ad space so it includes a submitted article, but the space is not free.

Do You Write Human Interest Stories?

Sometimes. Our mandate is to promote business. Usually human interest stories are covered by local newspapers, especially given that magazines only come out every couple months. However, you can always ask and it might be good for a community magazine.

You Wrote An Article About Our Business. Can We Share It?

Yes! The article will be published on We can send you the link and encourage you to share it. We can also send in different formats if you wish to print the article and post it in your place of business.